Serving the people of Clifton (Without)

"All politics is local"
Thomas 'Tip' O'Neill

"The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs
is to be ruled by evil men"

What is a parish council?

A parish council is the most local level of government, operating below city and district councils. Parish councils are similar to town councils and in Wales are often known as community councils. Perhaps this name gives a more descriptive label to what parish councils are about. Despite their volunteer ethos, and the limited scope of their powers, parish councils can make a difference to the areas they represent by their detailed street by street knowledge of their constituency. There are over 8,700 parish and town councils across England representing approximately 16 million people.

What does a parish council do?

A parish council's scope of work will depend on the nature of the area they represent and the needs of the people. Typically, a parish council could provide:

  1. Parks and recreational areas
  2. Youth activities or projects
  3. Review of plans and planning
  4. Public toilets
  5. Litter bins
  6. Security services (ie community rangers)
  7. Footpaths
  8. Street maintenance (lighting, cleaning, hedge cutting)
  9. Allotments
  10. Maintenance of cemeteries and war memorials
  11. Grants to suitable organisations

Parish councils also represent their local communities to service providers and organisations
(eg police, city councils) to help ensure that their areas get the resources that they are entitled to.

What does Clifton Without Parish Council do?

Currently, Clifton Without Parish Council owns and manages:

  1. The play park, and the multi-use sports area on Rawcliffe Lane (next to the library)
  2. The green space behind Clifton library in Brougham Close
  3. Some of the bus shelters in the parish
  4. Some of the grit bins around the parish
  5. A community defibrilator, which is located on the wall outside the entrance to the Library on Rawcliffe Lane

We provide input to decisions about planning permission, consult regularly with police services and the city council about services and plans for the area.

We also provide occassional grants to local community and sports organisations that provide benefits to people in the parish.

In the near future, we expect to take control of an area of land on the former Clifton Hospital site where we hope to develop community facilities and a nature reserve.

Last updated: Tue, 22 Feb 2022 11:45