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Planning Applications

City of York Council is the local planning authority.

For more information about planning permission, and to find out whether something you are thinking about might need planning permission, please contact City of York Council.

You can find out details about any existing application for planning permission from their online portal.

You can also search the City of York planning portal using this map based search.

The Parish Council's role

The parish council is a statutory consultee on planning applications. We are not able to 'decide' about whether an application should be allowed, but we do make recommendations to City of York Council about our opinion.

At each meeting of the parish council we discuss any planning applications within the parish and make our recommendations to the planning authority. They will then take our views into account - although they do not always agree with our view.

If you have concerns about a planning application, please come to the parish council meeting and speak to us about your views.

Last updated: Tue, 22 Feb 2022 12:01