Serving the people of Clifton (Without)

Local Histories in Clifton Without

The area around Clifton Without has been occupied since Roman times. There are still archeological remains of the Roman period in the Clifton Backies area.

There is evidence of farming from the medieval period in the 'ridge and furrow' field that lies on Shipton Road between Clifton Park Avenue and the sports club.

In the mid 19th century, East and North Yorkshire, together with York Corporation developed the 'asylum' on Shipton Road that became Clifton Psychiatric Hospital before it was closed in the 1990s. The chapel for that hospital still stands at the end of Clifton Park Avenue.

In the 1940s a large part of the parish was covered by Clifton Airfield.

We are collecting some of that history here. If you know more detail about our local history, please contact us.

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