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A selection of images from in and around Clifton (Without).

Clifton Ings

 View across Clifton Ings Flooded Clifton Ings
The large expanse of Clifton Ings lies partially within the parish. Its flatness and limited amount of vegetation add to the open, spacious feel of the area, which is very popular with walkers, joggers and cyclists. The area is connected to the rest of York by a foot path/cycle route which, for the more energetic, is a popular route into the city center. It is also one of the city’s green wedges which local councils are pledged to protect.

Former Clifton Hospital Site

Former hospital site
 Stonefaces on the hospital chapel

Rawcliffe Lake

 Ducks on Rawcliffe Lake Rawcliffe Lake

Although the lake itself is within the neighbouring parish of Rawcliffe, it is situated immediately adjacent to the parish boundary and is therefore popular with residents from both parishes. This man made lake, which was created to improve land drainage when the site was redeveloped, provides a pleasant break in the housing which surrounds it and is a popular pedestrian route through the area. It also supports a large and hungry population of ducks and geese.

Residential Areas

 Rawcliffe Lane - Clifton (Without) Suburban St - Clifton (Without)
The parish contains a large stock of quality, mostly sub-urban housing. Typically this ranges from traditional 1930s style houses to more modern developments from the 70s and 90s.

Business and Commercial

 Clifton Moor Gate - Clifton (Without) Traffic at nightime - Clifton Moor
Although not always visually attractive, the commercial and industrial areas of the parish form the backbone of the local economy, providing job opportunities for local people and those from further a field. The large sector of land occupied by the trading estates contains all manner of businesses including retail, manufacturing, wholesale, entertainment, legal and financial services and adds an economic vibrancy to the area.

Clifton Backies

Path - Clifton Backies
 Sculpture - Clifton Backies
From agriculture to air field, Clifton Backies and the greater area of Bootham Stray have seen many uses during their long history. Much evidence of their past still remains there to be seen. Clifton Backies is now a nature reserve boasting a pond, open spaces and woods which contain a labyrinthine network of paths and tracks. Sadly this beautiful area, which is a haven to local residents and wildlife alike, is not always treated with the respect it deserves.  For websites containing more information on Clifton Backies, click on the 'Links' icon on the left side of this page.

Clifton Green

Clifton Green lies to the south of Clifton (Without) parish but is included here because of its historical importance as the centre of the ancient town of Clifton.  The Green was the focal point of the whole area prior to Clifton’s division into Clifton and Clifton (Without) following the incorporation of the urbanised parts of Clifton into the City of York in the 1890s.  Apart from the grass and tree covered green, the area also contains many buildings of architectural and historical interest, including the parish church pictured above.