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If you are looking to make some home improvements you may need planning permission from City of York Council.

You may need planning permission if you are:

  • extending your home by constructing an extension or a dormer window
  • putting up a garage
  • putting up a boundary fence or wall
  • extending your garden onto adjacent land
  • putting up outbuildings or garden structures, such as a summer house, shed or swimming pool
  • having a wind turbine installed

To find out whether a planning permission application is required the Parish Council recommend you submit a householder enquiry form to City of York Council. There is a cost of £75.00 to do so but by completing this form City of York Council will advise you whether any formal applications are required, thus potentially saving you money if the work you are looking to do is covered under permitted development.

When planning permission is not needed

As long as you meet certain requirements, and stay within specific restrictions, you can carry out external alterations and some extensions to private houses (not flats) without needing formal planning permission.

Unless the property is a listed building, you don't need planning permission if you are:

  • carrying out works to the interior of your home (new kitchen units, removing a wall, etc)
  • painting the outside of your home
  • repairing the outside of your home
  • planting trees and shrubs in your garden

Other special consent

Some developments need 'special consent' as well as, or instead of, planning permission:

Building regulations

You will probably need 'building regulations approval' for most work you do to a building.

It's useful to have written building control confirmation that your proposal meets regulations, especially when it comes to selling your property, so you can show prospective buyers that you have carried out authorised work.

Please contact City of York with any questions you may have.